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The economic value of the construction industry is significant and the industry contributes up to 10% of the annual GDP for most nations (Purkiss, 2). The industry encompasses the use of many other complementary industries such as electrical, mining, steel and transportation to name but a few. This involvement of multiple industries suggests that the construction industries success or failure can reflect on a number of other industries.

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809 certified writers online Humans are physical beings and need buildings and other structures to enable them to carry out their day to day activities in an efficient manner. As such, the need to implement safety and preventive measures in such places is invaluable. Despite the clearly vital role of construction as an economic entity, the industry continues to be affected by inefficiencies and accidents which mostly spring from a lack of proper protective equipments, poor construction and poor decision making.

Fire is one of the most dangerous occurrences that may put many lives in danger in these facilities. To this effect, all governments and other organizations have put in place standards that stipulate the safety and preventive requirements for the various types of buildings and structures.